Dual Credit Data Story Released

Hawai‘i P-20, the managing partner for the DXP, is pleased to share the newly released Dual Credit Data Story.  In this story we provide a short history of the expansion of dual credit throughout the state, who the program serves, and some outcomes of students who have participated in dual credit.

Highlights from the Dual Credit Data Story:

  • Historically, about 80% of students who participate in dual credit enroll in college compared to 50% of non-dual credit participants;
  • Growth in dual credit participation has been strongest for under-represented student groups such as Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islanders, and Filipinos; 
  • In recent years, economically disadvantaged students’ participation has increased, but not as quickly as non-economically disadvantaged students;
  • Females are twice as likely to take dual credit compared to males; 
  • Forty-nine public and charter high schools participate in dual credit;
  • All ten University of Hawaiʻi campuses serve dual credit students; and
  • In the 2019-2020 school year, 345 unique University of Hawaiʻi dual credit courses were offered.

View the data story: Dual Credit Data Story.