Data & Publications

The DXP provides actionable reports and analyses in response to policy and research questions generated by agency partners and community stakeholders. These “data products” are shared publicly on this website.

  • Dashboards

    Interactive metrics that let you dive into the data that interests you.

  • Data Stories

    Data and related contextual information on various educational programs.

  • Presentations

    Copies of past presentations using DXP data.

  • Issue Briefs

    Short, data-informed write ups spotlighting important issues in the education-to-workforce pipeline.

  • Reports

    Longer, more data heavy pieces that explore explore topics from early childhood outcomes to high school performance and postsecondary enrollment.

Dashboards & Data Stories

UH graduates
College and Career Readiness Indicators (CCRI)
Published: March 2024
Sectors: K–12 Postsecondary

Readiness outcomes that show how well high school seniors meet the DOE’s vision of a Hawai‘i public school graduate.

NOTE: CCRI Reports are also available in an one-page summary format.

students in high school classroom
Dual Credit Data Story
Hawaiʻi’s Public Investment in Increasing College Access and Success
Published: October 2023
Sectors: K–12 Postsecondary

This data story explores the growth of dual credit opportunities in Hawai‘i over the last eight years.

Woman working in greenhouse
University of Hawai‘i Graduates in Workforce
Published: December 2022
Sectors: Postsecondary Workforce

UH graduates found working in Hawai‘i by UH campus and major.

Two graduates facing the crowd
Postsecondary Completion 6 Years After High School
Published: April 2024
Sectors: K–12 Postsecondary

DOE graduates’ overall postsecondary outcomes by the sixth year after high school.


First 8 Years Report Cover
The First Eight Years: The Importance of Early Identification and Early Intervention for Children With Disabilities
Published: January 2022
Sectors: Early Childhood K–12

This report focuses on how early identification and early intervention for children with disabilities affect education and later life outcomes. Connecting data from Hawai‘i State Department of Health – Early Intervention Section, which provides services to support the development of infants and toddlers, and data from the Hawai‘i State Department of Education, can help create a clearer understanding of the long-term impacts on learning for children with disabilities.

Education to Workforce Report - Health front page
Education to Workforce Report: Health
Published: December 2021
Sectors: K–12 Postsecondary Workforce

This report explores career pathways in Hawai‘i that prepare students for careers in health, starting with the Hawai’i State Department of Education, continuing to the University of Hawai‘i, and leading to the workforce.

attendance matters screenshot
Attendance Matters
Published: May 2019
Sectors: Early Childhood K–12

This issue brief examines how the Hawai‘i State Department of Education is using its longitudinal data system to reduce chronic absenteeism, with examples from Waipahu Elementary School and the Education for Homeless Children and Youth program.

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