Data Summit

2020 Data Summit Webinar Series

Supporting Hawaiʻi's Families Through COVID-19 from Early Childhood into the Workforce

August 26, 2020 – December 9, 2020
2020 Data Summit Webinar Series Graphic

Hosted by the Hawai‘i Data eXchange Partnership (DXP), the 2020 Data Summit Webinar Series will feature presenters from across the Early Childhood to Workforce spectrum to discuss efforts to help mitigate the effects of service disruptions due to COVID-19.


Early Childhood — Beyond Access: Getting Kids to the Front Door Post-COVID (8/26/2020)

What is the impact on children and the early learning system from the coronavirus? We will look at the fallout from the pandemic on families and children, our early learning system, and systems of support for our communities and discuss how we can ensure our keiki aren’t left behind.


  • Kathleen Algire, MSW, Director of Public Policy and Research, Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network
  • Deborah Zysman, MPH, Executive Director, Hawaiʻi Children’s Action Network
  • Kathleen Gauci, PhD, Project Coordinator, Center on the Family


K-12 Education — COVID-19 Learning Experiences for All (9/16/2020)

How do we satisfy the educational needs for everyone? Balance is key in addressing the challenges for school educators, families, and children resulting in extraordinary paradigm shifts to build a system that has the capacity to deliver on the promise of equity and excellence in education. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, data-driven decision making is even more crucial for planning and instruction in helping identify gaps in achievement and inequalities in education. We will go over the multiple ways the Hawai‘i State Department of Education (HIDOE) – Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance, Data Governance and Analysis Branch has and continues to support the HIDOE community.


  • Jan Fukada, Director, Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance Data Governance Branch, Hawai‘i State Department of Education
  • Shane Hedani, Institutional Analyst, Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance Data Governance Branch, Hawai‘i State Department of Education
  • Travis Santos, Institutional Analyst, Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance Data Governance Branch, Hawai‘i State Department of Education


Human Services — Thriving Together During COVID-19: ʻOhana Nui Approach to Equitable Futures (10/14/2020)

The COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed the ways state and county governments need to function to safely respond to the residents they serve and to maintain access to government services. The Hawai‘i Department of Human Services rapidly pivoted its business processes to ensure the dire immediate needs of the residents in Hawai‘i continue to be met in a timely manner. The presenters will share data and insights on the different programmatic changes and impacts of COVID-19 on major public benefit programs such as SNAP, TANF/TAONF, Medicaid, and child care. Additionally, the presentation will include the continuing efforts that DHS is making to meet the increased caseloads and future demands brought on by the pandemic.


  • Cathy Betts, Director, Department of Human Services
  • Brian Donohoe, Division Administrator, Benefits, Employment, and Support Services Division, Department of Human Services
  • Meredith Nichols, Assistant Division Administrator, Med-QUEST Division, Department of Human Services
  • Mimari Hall, Policy Director, Department of Human Services


Postsecondary — Next Steps to Your Future: A Statewide COVID-19 Response Initiative for the Class of 2020 (11/10/2020)

April and May are critical months for high school seniors to develop and complete steps towards their postsecondary goals, and unfortunately, COVID-19 highly disrupted these plans for the class of 2020. In response to the pandemic, University of Hawai‘i Community Colleges (UHCC) and Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education collaborated to implement the statewide “Next Steps to Your Future” Summer initiative providing over 120 free career exploration college courses for credit, and free virtual advising and counseling support to over 3000 recent public school graduates to support their post-secondary plans. This session will share outcomes from this collaborative effort and provide lessons learned in supporting students in their next steps after high-school in a fully virtual environment.


  • Tiana Loo, Associate Professor, Developmental Math Counselor, Leeward CC
  • Cheri Souza, Associate Professor, Health Sciences & Emergency Medical Services Counselor, Kapi’olani CC
  • Kelly Miyamura, Pathway Strategy Director, Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education
  • Daniel Rempala, Evaluation Specialist, Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education


Workforce — Bridging the Digital Divide: Solving our Digital Equity and Literacy Challenges as Path Towards Economic Resiliency (12/9/2020)

COVID-19 changed our world. But even before the pandemic, the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, building off of the Third (Digital Revolution), had already begun to transform the way we live and work. Smartphones and digital devices connect millions. Self-driving cars will soon be ubiquitous on our roads. Our children go to school on laptops and tablets. We communicate like the cartoon Jetsons family and refrigerators send us reminders of our shopping lists. What does this mean for our community in Hawai‘i? How will this affect the way we train our current and future workforce? How can Hawai‘i adapt and what changes do we need to make?

Drawing upon the ongoing work of DBEDT’s Broadband Hui and WDC’s Workforce Resiliency Initiative, this session will discuss:

  • The digital forces shaping the future of work;
  • The (drastic) upskilling and retraining necessary for Hawai‘i to be competitive in the new workforce;
  • Why everyone having broadband access is so necessary for Hawai‘i’s survival;
  • What connectivity means for our community and the promise inherent in our Digital Pilina; and
  • What’s still necessary for our digital future?


  • Kaala Souza, Employment Analyst, Hawai‘i Workforce Development Council
  • Burt Lum, Strategy Officer for the Hawai‘i Broadband Initiative, Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism